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Pressure spray drier

  • High Quality Boiling/pressure Spray Pellet Fluid-bed Drier

    High Quality Boiling/pressure Spray Pellet Fluid-bed DrierPressure spray pellet drier is available for atomization and granulation of pastes with high solid content, and drying into spherical particles. The dried product has good fluidity, constant moisture content and loose specific weight, and can be evenly filled below the pressed film quickly. This...Read More

  • Disc Type Low-temperature Vacuum Continuous Drier

    Disc Type Low-temperature Vacuum Continuous DrierThe disc type vacuum drier is applicable to drying of heat sensitive materials with requirement for very low temperature drying, such as drug, vitamin, biological products, enzyme and other materials containing solvent. Wet material is added in batches into the dosing unit withstanding negative...Read More

  • High-efficiency High-speed Screw Type Rotary Flash Drier

    High-efficiency High-speed Screw Type Rotary Flash DrierPrinciple: Hot air enters through the inlet pipe into annular space at the bottom of drying chamber and rises spirally; meanwhile, material is added by the feeder into the tower in fixed quantity for full heat exchange with hot air; under the action of mixer, large and wet materials are cracked...Read More

  • Single-layer/three-layer/multi-layer Belt Drier

    Single-layer/three-layer/multi-layer Belt DrierSingle-layer belt drier is a cross-flow continuous drying equipment, which is used for drying flaky, strip and granular materials with good air permeability, especially dehydrated vegetables, Chinese herbal pieces and other materials with high moisture content and low allowable temperature; this...Read More

  • Automatic Double-cone Rotary Vacuum Drier

    Automatic Double-cone Rotary Vacuum DrierDouble-cone rotary vacuum drier can be used for thickening, mixing and drying of powder, granular and fibrous materials in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, applied to materials with requirement for low-temperature drying, especially oxidizable, volatile, heat sensitive, irritant and...Read More