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Vacuum dryer

  • Automatic Double-cone Rotary Vacuum Drier

    Automatic Double-cone Rotary Vacuum Drier

    Double-cone rotary vacuum drier can be used for thickening, mixing and drying of powder, granular and fibrous materials in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, applied to materials with requirement for low-temperature drying, especially oxidizable, volatile, heat...Read More

  • Disc Type Low-temperature Vacuum Continuous Drier

    Disc Type Low-temperature Vacuum Continuous Drier

    The disc type vacuum drier is applicable to drying of heat sensitive materials with requirement for very low temperature drying, such as drug, vitamin, biological products, enzyme and other materials containing solvent. Wet material is added in batches into the dosing unit...Read More

  • High-performance Vacuum Rake/freezing/spray Drier

    High-performance Vacuum Rake/freezing/spray Drier

    The vacuum rake drier is a heat transfer drier by conduction, where material is not in direct contact with heating medium. This machine is used for drying small amount of muddy and paste materials with moisture content 15%~90% that are not resistant to high temperature and...Read More

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